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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 86 - An Epiphany and Brad Thor - Author Interview

I've been struggling to do author interviews. Not because I don't love them (they are my favorite!) or lack of people willing to be interviewed, but because of time and advanced planning needs. Then today I had an epiphany. I don't need to conduct all of the interviews! While I do want to do more personally, the reality is that the interviews are not about me (though my choice in interviewee and questions reflects a part of who I am), it's about introducing other authors and people to you, the readers of this awesome blog. And of course, who I choose to share still reflects a conscious decision on my part.

The flash of enlightenment came about when receiving yet another Tweet from Brad Thor about an interview for his new thriller Full Black. It's received a ton of great press and reviews, and he is always pumping them. I read a good one today and I thought about how I think it would be fun for others to read.

The method will be to link directly to the website the interview is found on. Occasionally I may make some comments about it. For today however, just the link.:-) Note that while the interview is on a politically oriented website, Brad Thor discusses the book, research, and why writer's feel the need/choose to write. And whatever your genre, reading a good thriller will help add excitement into any story!

Oh, and i you didn't know, Brad Thor is one of my favorite thriller authors of all time. I aspire to his levels.;-)


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