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Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 10 - 10 days, 16 followers, 1,312 words

Step by step I progress. At the end of 10 days, I thought I would take a moment and look back at how much of a difference 10 days has made.

My first two days had minimal writing and was mostly setting up the blog and orienting myself with Author's Incognito, writing tools, and more. It was sharpening the ax time. Then my blog went down because Blogger accidentally deleted it. Looking back, it was like dropping my nearly sharpened ax on my foot. All my effort had served to make me feel not only had I wasted my time, but I was less motivated/capable than before.

It took several days of no help from Blogger before I gritted my teeth and started again. The effort of pushing past the resistance was another turning point for me. I could have given up, like I had before with writing when problems arose, but I didn't.

Then I started writing a sentence or two a day. A few days later I was writing paragraphs. I did a writing sprint last night. I rewrote a section and faced my dialog demons. The past two nights I've actually dreamt about my story! Not only that, it was harder to go to sleep because I had plot elements and dialog running through my head. 10 days ago, I only had the vague notion that I wanted to work on some novels I had touched off and on every few months for a few minutes at a time. What a difference 10 days can make.

To those that have followed me on my blog, thank you. I'll be here every day. It's accountability for me, and I probably need more than most! Spread the word, share the blog if you like it.

I did write more today again. More importantly, I wrote dialog. And it came to me easier than ever. It wasn't a ton, but I set out to write my single sentence and wrote a conversation, complete with palpable tension. I love it, though I admit to some heavy bias!

I also want to note that while 1,312 words isn't a massive amount, I am thrilled. My pace has been steadily increasing. If I keep it up, keep writing steadily, then I'll probably finish my first draft around the end of the year (throwing in a few larger writing sessions). Pretty exciting stuff.


Keep up the good work! I too understand needing accountability!

Terrific! Glad you didn't give up!

Yeah--seriously back luck when Blogger went down! Glad you kept with it.

I'm new here and glad I found you. YOu are persistent! Good job.

Thanks everyone! Your comments are always appreciated. They help me to know that I am not talking to myself (unless my secret split personality alter-ego is creating other users to applaud the other half... ;-) ).

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