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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 21 - A Writing Contest Diversion

Today I took a writing diversion. I did write a few paragraphs in The Militia, but decided to also try my hand at something short and different. So, over on Betsy Love's website Ramblings of a Random Writer, Betsy is sponsoring a short story contest, 1,000 words in length, in honor of Short Story Month. It's also conveniently the time she teaches her high school English class about short stories. At the last moment I decided to enter, so spent  an hour heavily modifying a shelved work in progress, and sent it off. Is it top quality? No, but for a YA market, it's fun and I think has a great surprise twist that is sure to amuse them.

Most importantly, I helped a fellow writer, contributed to helping others love story writing (or at least feel better about themselves by comparing their skills to my own!), and exercised multiple writing muscles I hadn't used for a while, such as reading out loud, flash editing, critiquing with my wife, and more.

Thank you Betsy for the opportunity.

As a side note, I accidentally said to Betsy in the submission email I was pleased she was a follower of this blog. Hopefully she will be in the future, but what I meant to say was that Betsy has participated with me in Sprint Writing and multiple AI conversations. I appreciate all of her participation with a new author in training such as myself.;-)


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