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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 8 - Little Changes

Today I added a tracker for my novel progress to the top right hand side of the blog. I based it off 80,000 words being about standard that editors and publishers look for in a debut novel. I was at 3,653 words when I put it up, or 4.57% of the way there. While it seems insignificant, it's not bad considering two weeks ago I was at less than 1%. That 1% had taken a year of research and aborted writing attempts

Yesterday I set out to write at least one sentence, as always. I wrote nine, which came out to 205 words or a little over a paragraph. I could have written more, but I needed to get to bed for an early day at work. A few minutes ago I wrote six sentences, or 92 words. Heading to bed, but pleased I have made more progress. This time I even got to it earlier than my blog post.

It's getting easier to write. I can think quicker, recall where I am in the story and where I was going sooner, and can figure out better ways to convey the story than before. I am also more prone to not nit-picking it to death.

Little changes, constant progress.


Looks great, that is a nice little widget. Keep at it!

Go Matthew! Every bit of progress counts. Wasn't it Don Carey who wrote for 15 minutes a day on his now published novel? Learning to become consistent and making time in your schedule is a huge part of becoming a serious writer. Tell your Dad I said hello!

Progress. It's all about moving forward ... even when it doesn't feel like forward is the direction we're headed.

Thanks for the widget. I just added it to my blog too.

Thanks everyone! I do love the widget to. I failed to offer proper attribution for it though... I found it at Rebecca's blog: She has a great blog layout. Clean, simple, and great color scheme and use of images.

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