By day I work 60 hour weeks. At night I am a devoted father and husband to the world's greatest family. Somewhere in the non-existent time between the two, I am a writer. Join me from the beginning as I chronicle my adventures to become a successful published author.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 7 - And So It Was Written

Life is busy for me, as you have seen. My goal however of writing at least one sentence a day stands, and more when possible. My post yesterday had me at 11:30 PM and nothing written. I was, to be quite honest, out of my mind tired, more than I had been in a long time. It had been a very long, very hard day not just work wise, but emotionally for various reasons. The room was literally spinning and I felt like I was fighting a rapid current threatening to pull me under. I actually found myself lying on the couch at an odd angle and having lost five minutes at one point!

Nonetheless, I persevered and wrote not just one, but the following two sentences just before the clock struck midnight:

Eventually, it was purely by imposing on their friendship and Levi’s respect for him that won out. He did it out of a sense of loyalty.

They are at the end of a paragraph, so they don't make quite as much sense, but hey, it's written! There was definitely a sense of achievement as I stumbled to bed a minute later, and I'm glad I pushed through.

So tonight it's 10:00 PM and I need to write another few sentences. It's the first time I've had to sit down all day outside of work. I do need to make time to write more each day, but for now, it's baby steps. As the great aquatic sage Dori once said, "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim swim swim." Truer words have never better uttered. 


Or it's like eating an elephant. You eat it one bit at a time. Get your tale down, and then you can edit. That's the time consuming thing for me.

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