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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 77 - What is Self Improvement? - Self Improvement

What does it mean to "Self Improve"? In a sense, I don't think their is very much stock in the "self" part of self improvement. Can we improve our self, or being? Absolutely. But grammatically, it appears that by placing self first, it implies we are doing it on our own. In reality however we are influenced by the books and blogs we read, social media, friends and family, our successes and failures, and even our environment in general. Improving one's self can thus only be done by combining those experiences and events with change in ourselves. Perhaps we don't choose the change, in which case it may be negative. When we will ourselves to utilize our experiences though, we often move forward and upward.

Vague philosophies aside, I mention this or a purpose: When we recognize we cannot improve ourselves in a vacuum, we also have the potential to view every opportunity as a means for growth. God himself has said that all these [experiences, both good and bad] will be or our good. I believe that, but if we are merely cast about by the winds of fortune, then we will never reach our full potential.

In writing then we must always be looking or opportunities to make improvements upon ourselves whenever possible. This is what I mean when I say self improvement. I've been struggling with motivation to write. What can I learn from my struggles? Why am I struggling? I have been reading a lot more, more than in many years. Am I learning from what I am reading? I believe I am, because I am making a conscious decision to do so, to learn from those who have gone before. What about rejection letters? Have you sent out 50 inquiries and received 50 rejections back? If so, have you changed anything, made real improvements in your query letter? Are you participating in a study group and accepting feedback?



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