By day I work 60 hour weeks. At night I am a devoted father and husband to the world's greatest family. Somewhere in the non-existent time between the two, I am a writer. Join me from the beginning as I chronicle my adventures to become a successful published author.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 60 - Slacking - Week End Report

This week has seen me with only one a couple minor posts. This is in part because of Independence Day, in part because yesterday was the 6th anniversary of meeting my wife and our first date, and in part because of laziness. Did I mention that Steam, a game distributor for the PC, has been having a mind blowing sale and people have been buying me games to play with them? Yeah, I've been distracted lately...

That said, I wrote in my novel most days and I am back on track. I'll still be distracted of course with my many shiny new games, but no more holidays/events for a while.



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