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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 71 - When you know you are struggling... - Writing Wisdom

I have to admit it. I am struggling with my novel right now and writing in general. It's true. I've had legitimate excuses for slacking, and some not so legitimate. The reality is that I have lost my focus. I am not as motivated. I still try to write, because if I don't, it could be months before I pick it back up again, maybe longer. This blog has been a life saver for keeping my dream alive.

Some people have writing partners. I don't. So this blog is my writing partner. It keeps me honest. Everyone who follows and comment keeps me honest. I feel that I have many writing partners, all whom I cheer for and wish the greatest success, and who I hope are cheering me on too.

So for Writing Wisdom, I simply say: Find a way to stay motivated, even in the hardest times. It will get better, and there will be ups and downs. Like exercise, some days you would rather be beaten senseless than work out (I generally choose the beaten senseless option for those who wonder...). Pressing forward though pays dividends that cannot be achieved any other way.

Question: What do you do to keep your focus when you struggle to write regularly? Do you take a break? How long? Do you read something, edit, etc? I want to hear from you!



Matt, I just write SOMETHING. Getting down a paragraph really gets me into it again. I keep looking at your blog to see the word count go up on your book - keep going! I just passed 11,000 words on my manuscript. It's pretty exciting. You're totally right that it's just diligence and in 6 months you'll be amazed what you've done.

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