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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 58 - Social Media Doesn't Care About Vacations - Hard Knocks

There's a simple lesson I've learned about going on vacation from blogging and writing: don't even think about trying to catch up on any missed social media. Trust me, I tried. I also gave it up after 20 minutes of straight reading when I realized I was less than a tenth of the way through the backlog.

Now, I could have kept abreast, but it was made more difficult by my drowning phone, which is where I mainly used tweetdeck to deck. So there is always a concern that perhaps someone will feel like I ignored them. Or more likely, that I missed out on something cool or awesome or terrible. What can I say... I'm a news junky. In instances like these though, it is important to realize that writing and socializing in the now is infinitely more useful for my writing career than reading the here today gone tomorrow news that is already several days old.


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