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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 62 - Onward and Forward - The Writing Report

I put a lot of thought into topic and theme changes, restructuring of days, and more. To John, Canda, and Donna, thank you for your input. I'm always open for more, and glad  gave some food for thought to y'all too.

So here are my conclusions:

1) I will no longer be posting on Saturday or Sunday unless really feeling the urge. I am dedicated, but it's hard to create quality in the other days. The weekend can give my mind a rest as well as help me prepare for the coming week.

2) I will be generally reducing the size of posts, but don't expect the ones of substance to be reduced too much! What needs to be said will be said in the best way possible for the moment.

3) I have consolidated various days, eliminated others, and added one. The new weekly calendar is as follows:

Monday: The Writing Report - A brief summary of where my writing currently is, problems I faced in the last week with writing, and plans for the coming week. This is the one post dedicated each week to keeping the original founding of the blog true. Keep following my journey!

Tuesday: Self Improvement - Previously on Sunday, this has proven to be an invaluable asset to me. Whether it's changes to the blog, new directions, or personal growth efforts, Tuesday is the day to brainstorm and take action.

Wednesday: Writing Wisdom - Same day as before, but this time with Topical Series! The first series was Morals in Writing. The next will be announced this Wednesday, so be sure to check back! I will probably use guest bloggers on some topics, as many people have much more wisdom than I, and diversity is the spice of life.

Thursday: Author Interview - Previously on Tuesday, Thursday will give it more views than Tuesday and e more time to get things moving after the weekend.

Friday: News of the Writing World - with PODCAST! I don't have a co-host yet, but I decided this was the best topic out there for it. Currently there are few to none weekly writing/publishing news podcasts. I think it can be a fun and informative topic, and great for writers, agents, etc to pull off the internet for the weekend or their drive Monday morning to keep up to date. It will, as previously, cover the top five news topics to the field in the last week, have some discussion and commentary with it, and be approximately 15 minutes to allow easy listening in almost nay commute. I still need a co-host, and tomorrow I'll be figuring out how to operate the software, which I believe will be simple.

4) Expect a topic calendar either this Tuesday or next. It will make finding podcasts or Writing Wisdom that much easier.

5) I will use more images... soon. I do like images, I just need to get some help to figure out why they show up funky in the front/main/topic summary page. Also, I need to be as careful as possible about public vs private domain images. It's a messy legal world!

I feel that what I have laid out is an excellent application of the brainstorming from yesterday. What do you think? Any other implementation ideas? Should I do something a little (or a lot) different than laid out? Do you feel it's a step forward or back? Let me know!


I get images on Flickr. If you go into the advanced search you can specify to find images with Creative Commons license for commercial use. Then you just need to add attribution when you use the images. Flickr has a great FAQ that explains this in more detail.

Thanks John! I was searching under Public Domain images, which I guess is different than Creative Commons licensing. That should help a ton!

Now I just need to get them to not display crazy in the summary page.

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