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Friday, June 10, 2011

Writer's Weekly World Review - Plus our First CONTEST! - Day 31

Before the Writer's Weekly World Review, Let The Contests Begin!

The Prize: Two All Natural, Hand-Crafted Bath Bombs!*^

How To Enter: Each time you comment on this blog (any post) between now and next Friday, June 17, you will receive an entry. IF someone you know becomes an official follower of the blog (as in, I can see them in the follower's box), AND states in a comment that they were referred by you, BOTH of you earn two entries. If you bring at least two new people to this fabulous blog and you win the prize, you will receive four Bath Bombs. Only one comment per day per person counts towards entries. A comment and someone you pointed to the blog joining still count separately, netting you three entries for that day. So what are you waiting for? Get posting!

* Some of you may be wondering what a bath bomb is. Put simply, it's what makes bath time fun again, even for guys. They are balls or half spheres of compacted dry material which, when placed in water, begins to fizz rapidly across the surface and dissolve. They always release a mild to strong scent that lingers for a couple of minutes (rose, lilac, cinnamon, tangerine, pine, etc) and helps you to relax. Guys generally prefer citrus and wood smells, women of course like floral and berry scents. Children like anything. Most also release a water or skin softening product into the water as it dissolves, such as Zea Maize (corn starch), grape-seed oil, Shea butter, etc. Some low quality versions use fillers such as sand. Bath Bombs are non-toxic and are designed to not stain your tub or skin. They are completely harmless and can be held in the hand while they fizz. The fizzing action is from a chemical conversion of two natural elements to water and oxygen. The most well known maker of bath bombs is Lush. The bath bombs for the contest are generously being made and donated by Serendipity Gourmet Bath. Each bath bomb is valued at $5 per bomb.

^ Don't have a tub or don't like baths at all? You can swap out a bath bomb for a 5-pack of shower tablets. Place them in a corner where they will receive light, indirect shower spray and enjoy incredible scents lasting for 10-15 minutes per tablet!


I am short on time today, but here is the round-up!

1) So it seems that the coming of age of graphic realism and hyper-fantasy in YA has started quite the debate. Myself and several others at Author's Incognito jumped in to the beginning mark of a heavy debate a few weeks ago when QueryTracker awarded 2nd place for a first chapter contest in YA to a highly sexual but well written piece. This is in fact led me to create the Morals in Writing series, which you can find on my blog and is one of the featured items.

It wasn't over. Megan Cox Gurdon with the Wall Street Journal, who is quite prominent in the publishing and review world, weighed in on this exact topic last Saturday. You can read her piece here.

2) Unsurprisingly, it led to massive controversy and complete misrepresentation of what she said, similar to how one person on the blog tried to do with mine and other words (and for which I decimated their arguments). Now it seems Publisher's weekly has weighed in. While they appear on the surface to take a neutral news stance, it is very apparent they feel that it's an anything goes world. Read their response here.

3) Another pairing is that of the explosion of online advertising. It increased a whopping 20% this year!

4) And why am I mentioning that? Because online advertising is going to massively effect income streams for eBook reader services and possibly even the eBook author. This is news from two months ago, but it was applicable with story #3: Kindle Now Cheaper With Advertising. Yes, if you haven't heard it, advertising is being used to push the cost of the Kindle down even further. You will see all other eReaders offer this. Additionally, within 1 year I predict that authors will have the opportunity to insert targeted banner ads into their books (top or bottom of page). Readers will be able to purchase more expensive add free versions or cheaper (even free) add-supported editions. I expect that some publishers will shaft the author, take all profits this, and make all of their editions have the advertising. Others will give a small percentage to the author even though the publisher did absolutely no work for the extra funds. This may happen in the next 4-6 months, but definitely within a year.

5) The cost of eBooks via competitive marketing is being driven down daily it seems. Want the best-sellers in any category? Whether it's thrillers and mystery or science fiction you will notice one thing: at least 50%-80% of the top 10 are priced below $5, with most of those at $2 or less. With the smaller costs, it is more important than ever to ensure that you are getting a good deal with your agent or publisher on eBook profits. If you are self-published, then this just means the door is wide open for your work to shine through.


Advertising on eBooks? Grrr. I read to get away from the world, not to have it packaged to interrupt my distraction time.

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