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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 26 - Self Improvement - Attack of the Followed Blogs!

I've mentioned once or twice how I realized how awesome Google Reader is. As much as I love followers, I also love being a follower and reading others life experiences, thoughts, and news. I like to share in joys and sorrows (I am a manly man, I really am!). So when Is tarted blogging 26 days ago, I started following lots of people on their blogs, along with a few websites. Unfortunately for me, I only made token efforts, simply because I didn't know about Google Reader at first and when I did, I was overwhelmed because there were about 100 posts to read! And so what did I do? I hid in a corner.

Last night and today I decided I was going to tackle this beast head on. I couldn't just not read them (okay, I could, but I am a little OCD), so I selected the nice simple choice of going exactly 30 days back on all the blogs I currently follow. Note that I was now at 25 days (yesterday) and had more blogs. Posts to read through: 283. That's right. 283 blog posts, some short, but most medium to long. I wanted to give each the time they deserved, so I followed all the links. If you notice your blog on my followed list, then you now know I read every single word and followed all links.

Progress? I am now down to an even 75. Let me say this: I am eternally grateful that I am so far the only daily blog I know of in the group. Some post multiple times a week, but I may have had an OCD nervous breakdown if everyone wrote daily. Mind you, I love my daily blog, that's why I do it. But thank goodness others are more sane than I!

Tomorrow I plan on getting that 75 down to zero. From there, it should be fairly simple to keep up with the blogs, or at least their headlines as my list of followed blogs increases. I reckon for a while though it should only take about 15 minutes a day. When it gets too much, I'll limit it to a daily time limit, say 20 minutes, and go from there.

So that is my improvement for today. I've read many great author interviews, blogger interviews, contest methods, writing techniques, eBook news, and more. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful things you write.


Well, if you love being a follower so much, come join my blog :) It needs a little jumpstart. By the way, I absolutely loved your ethics in writing posts.

Well Alex, I will almost always do blog swaps.:-) I did follow you, but can't comment due to Google Blogger's ongoing problem where many people can only leave comments when it is set to pop-up. But fun blog Alex.

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