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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 47 - Blog Tweaks - Self Improvement

My wife kept pointing out that I had failed to update the progress meter on the blog, so I went ahead and made the adjustments today. I also made some slight modifications to the original coding to make it easier in the future to make adjustments, plus I added the commas for sets of threes in large digits. Minor things, but still long term time-savers.

Also, after much searching and trial and error I have rectified the worst of the stretched image issues on the front/summary post page. Now book covers and similarly sized images look clean and are small. Unfortunately, wide images, such as panoramic photos, are now squished. I have some ideas on how to resolve it, but after spending 20 minutes figuring out how, I am done for the night. If anyone has any ideas, I appreciate it. Here is the coding in question:
<p><script type='text/javascript'>
summary_noimg = 800;
summary_img = 500;
img_thumb_height = 145;
img_thumb_width = 90;
<script type='text/javascript'>
Originally, thumb height was something like 350 and width was 640, or some such. I adjusted those numbers until a book cover looked good and was thumbnail size. What I would like is for it to have a min/max range such that it auto-sizes images within certain parameters. Again, if you read this and know what to do, let me know! I know it's something simple, but I simply can't figure it out right now!

Finally, twitter is moving along. Learning the ropes more. This week I'll start following more people, including those who've followed me. I promise it's a time issue, not an ignoring issue.


Yeah, why can't everything just run smoothly? Sorry I'm no help. Sounds like you've got a wife you looks out for you. Lucky guy.

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