By day I work 60 hour weeks. At night I am a devoted father and husband to the world's greatest family. Somewhere in the non-existent time between the two, I am a writer. Join me from the beginning as I chronicle my adventures to become a successful published author.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Self Improvement - Writing Space - Day 33

Admittedly, I am rather tired at the moment. Have been all day from allergies and sheer exhaustion. Nonetheless, I was able to work more on organizing the craft and office room we are expanding into in the basement. I moved my wooden desk, bookshelves, and more, providing a secluded, quiet place to work and write in the future. 

Now, there are some caveats with that: A sewing machine will be there most of the time, so I have to move it every time I want to write there, but this is minor. Additionally of course, I want to be careful not to spend so much time there that I am excluding family time. So it occurred to me today then that now that I have space, I need to figure out the best way to balance solid good writing time with my other, more important obligations and desires, such as time with Christina and Levi, house work, etc. I've been able to write around family, but often distracted and less effective, so it appears new challenges lay ahead. Ultimately though I believe the balance we strike will vastly improve the quality of both areas of my life.


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