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Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 44 - Tweet Deck and Book Lights - Hard Knocks

Okay, so normally I post on Thursday's about some difficulty I have faced, some challenge I need to overcome. Today though, I thought I would briefly talk about how little things have made a big difference in my time this week, giving me a few less knocks.

The first is that if you read my Sunday post, you would know I signed up for Twitter, then installed TweetDeck. This software is, to put it simply, awesome. I have it on my laptop and my phone. Now, rather than go to multiple sites and view extended versions of items, I have this great one stop shop for all of my social media (which at this point in time is Twitter and Facebook), and everything is in shorter form and list views, making it super easy for me to get all of my updates. Before I spent more time than I liked trying to read through Facebook, and twitter would only have added to it. Now I do one minute here and there throughout the day, and I've freed up half an hour to an hour to write and spend family time. Hard to beat that, and it was free!

The second "life hack" that I am using is a classic: a book light. I hadn't had time to read books for quite a while. Now, each night when I go to sleep, I flip on the book light and read at least one chapter of a thriller. What a difference it makes! I'm not committed to nightly chapters per say, but it feels great to read and remember why I love thrillers again! Thankfully, my wonderful wife is either sleeping past the light or she is sweet and tries to ignore it. Either way, I've made my day that much more efficient.

What tools and techniques have you been using or heard about to make your life easier?


My favorite time saver is igoogle. I use it as my browser home page and it lets me see my email, RSS feed, and my list of bookmarks all on the same page.

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