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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 25 - Week End Summary - Onward and Forward

8.02%. 6,414/80,000 words. Writing every day, that is the progress I have made. Some days just a sentence, others a paragraph, some three paragraphs or a page. No matter what, no matter how late it has been, I have written. I hope this encourages others to keep on writing.

I have to say, the last chapter that I finished two nights ago was one of the toughest. The first half flowed freely, but the last half was painful. Those were the days I'd write a sentence or two after half an hour of thinking. To be honest, I have not even gone back and read it. I am fairly certain it is mostly rubbish and will undergo heavy editing later, but I take the philosophy that I should keep on writing to the end of the first draft, and then  go back to make corrections. My goal is to focus on getting the story out, then worry about the technicalities and smoothing out the rough spots.

I am also very excited about the future of this blog. Next week I will announce the first contest. It will be the only contest I do for a while where you don't have to do much of anything other than be a follower and leave a comment. Future contests will require you to write, convince someone to become a follower of this blog, make a comment for so many days, etc.

Additionally, I feel great about the calendar of topics. I already have a few slight modifications in mind, but in general, I have it down and it is making posting that much easier.



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