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Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 1,491 - Guardia Civil, Geography Problems

I did not get to write Friday through Sunday. I prepared for and picked my 14 year old nephew up Friday night, and have been getting him settled over the weekend. He will be staying with us for most of the summer and learning about life in bigger cities.

Today I wrote 230 words. In this instance, it wasn't for lack of narrative. I know exactly where this scene is going and how it will play out. The caveat is that I needed some more local information about illicit activities in the area and how policing is handled. Thus I spent a large amount of my time researching La Palma's cocaine smuggling problems and the history of the Spanish Guardia Civil, who enforces a great deal of the drug related laws in the area. Interesting factoid: The Canary Islands, of which La Palma is a part of, is the gateway for cocaine smugglers from South America to Europe. The population in most island is so small and generally cared for though that drug use among the actual populace is minor.

Also, I found out that the cataclysmic event in the story won't be able to strongly affect the intended cities in Morocco, thus affecting some of the backstory of the primary antagonist. I spent some time thinking about how to resolve it. I think I have it. It will take some reworking, but I'll worry about that in the edits. It's not a big enough deal for me to go back now. I'll adjust moving forward.


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