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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 1,486 - Morning Breaks

See what I did there? A pun, a play on words! Yeah, I'm that guy.

As the morning broke today, my son woke up early. Again. And so after two interuptions, I decided we would go down for breakfast. In the middle of ym sprint. Over an hour later, I made it back and finished.

I got in 388 words. This seems to be about my average for now. I did read through about a third of chapter 2 of the Koran, which proved infinitely useful for fleshing out the chapter I was writing at that moment. I also found out the Moroccan currency is called a dirham, and one dirham is worth about ten cents. Not exactly great for the Moroccans.

I immerse myself further into Morocco politics, faith, and business, I find my antagonists world is likewise gaining more depth. Worth the effort.


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