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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 1,485 - Moving to Mornings

Writing in bed, in the dark, next to my wife, with the screen turned down to extremes (using a special program) to not keep her awake, was not ideal. It was great in that the need to let her fall asleep first prompted me to begin writing again. Not so great in that I usually didn't start writing until near midnight, or later.

And so yesterday I made the move to the mornings. I now wake up an hour earlier (6:00 AM) to allow myself time before everyone else is awake. It's a different feel, but I don't feel like I am falling asleep. I do shower beforehand to help with that.

Of course, when I tried this yesterday, my five year old decided that was the morning he would randomly wake up an hour early. I managed to get in less than ten minutes of writing.

Today went better. I got a solid 30 minutes in. I find I am struggling slightly in writing my protagonists point of view, as it is so foreign. I have to put myself in the mindset of an older male, one who is battle scarred, oppressed, a killer, a leader, an Arab, a man with contempt for anyone who didn't think like he does, a radical. I have to stop and correct his mental dialogue and even some actions, as they are not in character. I eventually get my mind there, it is just not as easy as my MC.

A few things that are helping me:

1) I am listening to a lot of Islamic recitation on Spotify, It;s making my music recommendations go nutty, but worth it. It helps transport me to a different place and culture.

2) Reading the Koran. Not my first time, but a little a day helps bring possible mindsets to the forefront. The Koran is a major part of Mahfoud's life, and I need to be familiar with his sacred scripture to be familiar with him. Yes, there are a myriad amounts of Islamic sub-sects and interpretations. Fortunately, I already know the mindset of Mahfoud and know how he reads and interprets divine writings personally.

Got in about 350 words today. I might have time to write more later. A benefit of morning writing.


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