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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 258 - General update

I don't have any interviews for now, as I am just getting in to the swing of things again. However, I did want to post, both for self-encouragement and the encouragement of others, that I am doing great on keeping my writing commitments!

Yesterday, I really fleshed out a key scene with some massive destruction happening. Today? Politics. I wrote a drat of a legislation key to the story. In fact, it came out different (and better) than I thought in its scope. In fact, it seems scarily realistic for something someone would try to pass! I hope no one in DHS with any influence reads the book and gets any ideas... :-) Suffice it to say, readers will be stunned when they read it, partially because it will really hit home. This legislation has major impact on the entire last half of the story, in to the next book. Huzzah!


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