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Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 255 - Happily Moving Along - The Writing Report

I wrote about another 300 words today, all in outline form. This equates to what will turn in to about 3,000 words more of text (most of my outlines have a 1:100 ratio).

I just want to say, I had several brilliant strokes in today's story framing! The "trial" of the POTUS, more details about his kidnapping, etc. Those scenes are not only much more than vague ideas, but are going to be awesome! I can't wait to read the finished product!

A few other notes from starting back up:

1) Rereading something I had left alone for several months really helped me bring a fresh set of eyes to it. I saw grammatical mistakes of course and areas to refine, but I also saw areas that may need to be cut. More importantly though... I enjoyed the story. I feel like it's going to be excellent and enjoyed by anyone who likes action thrillers.

2) There are areas I will need to rewrite due to current events. As crazy as it sounds, several things I was writing about in the future tense in the story have suddenly happened or are happening. It's a little scary. It also makes portions seem outdated. Not too much effort, but it's an interesting problem with writing a book set in the real work in the near future. Sometimes reality outpaces the speed of publication.

3) The fresh set of eyes is good. At the same time, it takes me a little bit longer tog et going each day because I am trying to gather my thoughts about what I am working on. It's like trying to remember the details about a book you really enjoyed, but can't fully explain to a friend. Three days in and it's getting better, but I have a feeling it will take a week or two to really get in the groove of it, to really pick back up the pacing, character voices and personalities.

Enjoying getting back in to writing.



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