By day I work 60 hour weeks. At night I am a devoted father and husband to the world's greatest family. Somewhere in the non-existent time between the two, I am a writer. Join me from the beginning as I chronicle my adventures to become a successful published author.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Day 1,471 - Days of Yore

I am not advertising the resurrection of my writing blog yet. I am still uncertain of what direction I want it to take. Still, I know that I want to document my journey.

I spent my writing time today reviewing a few of my early blog posts, reminding myself of things I has learned once before. I followed this by reading from two WIPs I haven't touched since 2012. I was surprised to find that for my main WIP, which I thought I had written only a chapter or two, I instead had six that spanned 37 MS Word sized pages. I am too tired to read much beyond the first chapter, but I quite liked it. I made a few minor edits, saw more to make, and ultimately decided to enjoy the story and worry about such things another time.

I've also been reading a few writing sites and blogs. It's good to help build motivation and ideas.


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