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Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 1,605 - How do they do it?

You know, I run a company, a startup. I've been VP of a national property management firm I helped build. I know all about time blocking, scheduling, etc. I think I am pretty good at managing my time.

Yet time and again, I fail to find the time to do solo activities like writing. The reality I've realized is that I put myself last. If I have not scheduled out a block of time for something like writing and become dedicated to it, then it doesn't happen.

Even more, if that time happens to be when anyone else s awake, I find myself choosing to spend time with them or for them. It's not a bad thing at all. I like that family is where my heart is.

It just makes for a very slow creative process.

How do others do it?

I have been out of the writing loop for a month. My nephew went back home a little over a week ago, and I am settling back into schedule. Except next week I start teaching seminary, which will throw me back out of schedule. It's nine months, so I will need to figure out a new one. I won't get home until 7:40, and will still need to work out and get to work. We shall see.

85 words today.


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